Rules and Regulations

of the

Diploma Examination

1.    The age of the Examinee of Adya must not below 6 years.

2.    A Candidate of First Year Examination must pass class IV or equivalent to it and he / she would be 10 or 10 + years old and thereafter up to next 4th year examinations the age of the candidate should be determined accordingly.

3.    Fifth year Examinee must have pass 4th Year from S.B.S.K.K.

4.    To gain eligibility for appearing at 7th Year Examination the candidate must have to pass 6th Year from S.B.S.K.K .

5.    To gain eligibility for appearing at 8th Year Examination the candidate must have to pass 7th Year from S.B.S.K.K .

6.    The last Date for form submission is the last working day of the month of September.

7.    Form will be accepted up to 15th October with Late fee @ Rs. 5/- per form.

8.    A candidate can not appear simultaneously in more than one subject where theory examination is compulsory.

9.    Exemption of fees may be granted to physically handicapped person on production of authentic documents.

10.  Admit card is issued to all candidates before one month of examination.

11. Admit card should be preserve carefully.

12. Any alternation made in the entries on the admit card without authentication by the competent authority of the Kendra render the candidate to liable to be disqualified to sit for examination. 

13. Candidates are required to bring with them basic materials required for examination.

14. Candidates must not write anything on admit card.

15. Only unsuccessful candidate may apply to the Kendra within 30 days from the date of publication of provisional result through the head of the institution for review of his/her answer paper.

16. Both theoretical and practical examinations are conducted by Suro bharati Sangeet Kala Kendra in various streams of music, instrumental music, art, dance and recitation.

17. Theoretical Examination is held generally on 3rd Sunday of January in every year. Centre-in-charges of Kolkata region will have to collect the papers regarding theory examination at their own responsibility before one week of theory examination.

18. Authorized invigilator will visit the centre during theory examination.

19. Centre must have to send the answer paper to Kendra’s office within 3 days from examination.

20. Kendra will appoint Practical examiner for different centre for every session.

21. The appointment will be informed both examiner and the centre holder.After getting appointment letter they will must contact with each other for holding practical examination smoothly.

22. Centre will have the preference to select date and time.

23.  Centre holder and examiner will share the responsibility to complete the examination.

24. Absent candidate’s (who were absent on the date of practical examination held at home centre) examination will be held on scheduled date declared by Kendra each year.

25. Candidates willing to appear themselves in this examination are to contact to Kendra’s office with admit card.

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