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Our Activities


Each Year Suro Bharati Sangeet Kala Kendra organizes regular Cultural Program and Art Exhibition to give students an opportunity to show their talents and develop their professional skills in the fields of Art & Culture. Kendra arranges some programs and concerts with some national and international famous artists from all over country for inspiring, enchanting performances of high standard in their respective fields of specialization for the enlightenment of lovers of music.


We arrange workshops in various subjects under the guidance of renowned artists to keep the students occupied with creative activities and bringing out their hidden talents.  The other reason for starting these workshops was to benefit those students who due to various reasons could not join the regular classes but they had a desire to learn these arts.  Reputed exponents of these arts devotes their time to impart the students their knowledge and expertise in these arts.


Suro Bharati Sangeet Kala Kendra publishes special online classes regularly to give chances to our students in training properly from home. It helps them to get a reputation and also increase their inspiration for the future life in the field of Art & Culture.


The Kendra has a regular scheme to award scholarships to brilliant and indigent students on the basis of their results in the various examinations conducted by the Kendra. The recipients of such scholarships are provided with opportunity for further training and education in the subject(s) of their choice under guidance of highly qualified teachers of the Kendra. These scholarship awardees, on completion of their training, are also provided assistance in securing suitable placement in educational institutions in both public and private.


Give affiliation to cultural institutions from various states of India and train up students of all affiliated centres under the guidance of experienced teacher according to our syllabus. Then conduct annual examination of the students of all affiliated centres and asses the progress of each and every student and award Diploma / Certificate to successful candidates.


  To arrange the seminars of art and culture to give the proper guidance to our students for their future career and to improve the teaching skills of the teachers. It works as bridge between the learned scholars and the educated elites as well as authentic source of information and knowledge for students and researchers alike. With this in view, the Kendra holds number of seminars/symposium involving eminent scholars, artists, musicologists, intellectuals from the fields of music and dance.


We Publish a Yearly cultural Magazine to raise the cultural awareness in our society and to publish some good quality of research work, essay, poems etc of some eminent artists and the teachers involves with us.


Suro Bharati Sangeet Kala Kendra runs regular training classes in various subjects of Music and Fine Arts. Here we train up the students under the guidance of experienced teacher and artists specialized in their respective fields. Those training/hobby classes in Music, Dance, Fine Arts (Painting) for children in order to give them an insight into these classical arts of the country. The learners are also encouraged and guided to go in for extensive training in these subjects so as to appear in the examinations conducted by the Kendra every year.


Running a regular library setup mainly from the fund of our training centre. It has a good stock of reference books and notations for various streams of music. The library serves as a backbone to professional activities of all institutions across the world. Keeping this in view, the Kendra maintains an extensive Library where students can freely consult a collection of text books and reference materials, journals, magazines, periodicals, research reports on Music and Dance of both classical and folk varieties. The Library is regularly stocked with authoritative and rare books and publications of reputed scholars.


The Kendra takes special interest in the well being of education, training, recreation and all-round growth of physically disabled, slum and poor children which comprise a vast section of society. A lot of relief and recreation has gone into their well being.  The Kendra has been doing its best to make a distinct difference to the quality of their lives. There is also a special emphasis on the training and education of handicapped children who have been physically and psychologically assisted by the Kendra so that they are able to earn their living and become self-reliant. Besides earmarking scholarships for such students, they are imparted free training in music, dance and other allied arts so that they can complete their study.  


Give financial help to the teachers involves to Art & Culture who are ailing.

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