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Details Of Examination

Suro Bharati Sangeet Kala Kendra was set up in 1993 with a view to promoting a newer cultural world with better human understanding. Two and a half decades are gone and now we can proclaim that our journey is almost successful. We had a dream to unit different provinces of our country through cultural activities of unconventional nature. To make the dream a success. We have made necessary arrangements for Talent Search Examination under a common syllabus applicable to all the states of our land. This will facilitate our students all over India to appear at the examination under an syllabus approved by the Kendra. The successful candidates will get special award and they will be felicitated with distinct honour. The students will be capable of shouting their talent on all - India platform through this test.
   Now we  step forward to  make a wider and more developed cultural area than we have ever seen, and this would certainly be helpful to our students to prove themselves in the field of creativity at the highest level. Therefore, we appeal to all related to cultural activities to join this new-blown examination system for searching young talent and make our noble object a grand success.

Facilities To Partcipating Centres:

Facilities To The Partcipating Students:

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Subjects Of Examination

  • Section A : Draw as you like (water colour or pastel colour)  

  • Section B : Anatomy, Painting with animal or birds, Natural scenery painting, Landscape painting, Still painting. 

  • Section C : Copy painting, Portrait painting, Drawing on some subject as per choice, Draw figures of men and women only with pencil.    

  • Section D : Collage, Painting with light and shade, Sculptural painting,Painting with ornaments.  

  • Section E :  A painting as per the choice of Examiner.

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An Indian Classical or Modern Song as per the choice of Examiner.

An Indian Classical or Western Dance as per the choice of Examiner.

Instrumental Music
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A Recitation as per the choice of Examiner.

An Instrumental Music as per the choice of Examiner.

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Some selective Yogasana as per the choice of Examiner.

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